The Robert S. Grodberg, Esq. Privacy Policy

  1. Collection of Information through our Website.  When you visit our website, information is automatically collected by our server, including your IP address, the pages on our site that are visited, the length of the visit, and the type of operating system used by the connecting computer.  This type of information is collected by most internet servers.  If you send us an e-mail we receive and collect the information that you voluntarily transmit to us (such as your name, e-mail address, and the content of any e-mail that you send to us.)
  2. Use of Information.  We do not sell, rent, or disclose to any third party any information that you provide to us except as may be required by a court order or except in the course of providing services.  If you ask us to contact you, or if you call us, send us an e-mail,  or otherwise contact us, we may contact you, either by e-mail, telephone, or otherwise.
  3. Trusted Affiliates.  Many companies provide information obtained through their websites to third parties to third parties (commonly referred to as “trusted affiliates”) so that the trusted affiliates can then direct marketing efforts the internet users.  We do not have any such “trusted affiliates”.  We do not disclose any information that you may provide to us to any third party other than those companies and/or persons who may be providing services for us, who may be working on a project for you (if you have retained us), or upon your express consent and direction for us to do so.
  4. Cookies.   Many website utilize what are commonly known as “cookies”, which are small files of information stored on a user’s computer to help promote the user’s online experience, such as to remember a user’s particular preferences or to remember web pages that a user has previously viewed.  Cookies are not viruses or spyware.  For any particular website, cookies are used to share only that information that you choose to provide to that specific website.  Cookies do not, for instance, allow one website to have information that you’ve provided to another website, or to allow a website to have access to any information that you have not chosen to provide to that website.   Our website utilizes cookies in order to make your online experience better.  If you wish, you can block cookies completely, or you may set preferences to block certain types of cookies.  Cookies may also be deleted.  For help in learning more about cookies, or to block, unblock, delete, or to set preferences with respect to cookies, you may wish to check out the following:
    • At, you can find out more about cookies through their “search” command.
    • Use the “help” command for your internet browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer), and type in “cookies” or look in the appropriate index.
  5. Policy Subject to Legal Requirements.   The Robert S. Grodberg, Esq. Privacy Policy is in all respects subject to federal and state laws and court orders.  We will comply with any court order, including subpoenas, requiring us to disclose information that otherwise would not be disclosed.
  6. Questions about Privacy.  We are concerned about protecting your privacy.  If you have any privacy questions that are not addressed above, please contact us using the “Contact” link located at the top of the web page.