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A comprehensive estate plan should be undertaken by all adults.  Without an estate plan, unfortunate consequences can arise, including:

  • If you become disabled without a Medical and Financial Power of Attorney expressing your care, or funeral wishes, your family may need to seek court-ordered guardianship or conservatorship, which can be expensive, intrusive, and delaying.
  • If you are experiencing an end-of-life event and cannot communicate your care wishes, your loved ones will be faced with difficult decisions about the type of care that should be provided, and whether you want medical personnel to do everything possible to extend your life. Living wills/advance directives can be used to make clear your wishes to family and medical personnel.
  • If you do not have a will and/or trust, the laws of Massachusetts will dictate to whom your assets are distributed. Some of your loved ones may be left out of your estate, and the person administering your estate will have no right to distribute specific items of sentimental value to the person or persons to whom you would have liked to receive those items.
  • Without an estate plan, bitter feelings and fights sometimes occur between the loved ones left behind, which unfortunately can involve litigation and the depletion of an estate from unnecessary legal fees. No one wants their asset distributions to give rise to estate contests and ruined relationships.

I Help Clients in Providing Affordable, Comprehensive Estate Plans

The best estate plans are those that accomplish the objectives of a person in the simplest, least complicated (and least costly) way possible.

For example, not everyone needs a trust.  In some cases, a trust will be highly beneficial, while in other cases the cost of establishing or administering a trust will likely outweigh its benefits.

When I meet with clients, I review their estate, learn about their asset distribution wishes, and then provide recommendations on the estate plan components that will best accomplish their goals.

Get Started Today – and Get the Peace of Mind

As a Jamaica Plain estate planning lawyer, Bob understands and appreciates the many reasons that some folks put off estate planning.  Money may be tight, and there are always numerous other expenses that arise.  Some may have concerns about how much a lawyer will charge (which is why Bob has developed fixed fee estate plans that will usually address the financial concerns of most people).  In some cases, he has found that people may be uncomfortable, as they may not be entirely sure how they want assets to be distributed (especially if they are considering disinheriting a family member).

With decades of legal practice, I can help you in addressing the various issues that need to be considered so that the right estate plan can be developed for you.

Bob looks forward to meeting with you!