Mr. Grodberg was very accommodating, offering to help on short notice and overall a pleasure to work with. He quickly and thoroughly reviewed all the material relevant to my inquiry and offered clear andwell-supported advice. I would be very happy to work with him again and strongly recommend his services.

--Leon Dimas

Robert S. Grodberg or Bob as I like to call him was there for me in my time of need when my legal uphill battle was more than I could handle. I felt helpless, bullied and intimidated from a legal standpoint until I met with Bob. Bob is very well rounded, professional and his legal expertise is second to none. Without Bob I would not have been able get the medical care and benefits that have made me able to have a normal and sustainable life. I also consider Bob a dear and good friend as a result of trust and sensitivity shown towards me as more than a client. .. but as a friend.

--Daniel M. Doyle

For nearly a decade Bob Grodberg has represented my wife and I and, at our suggestion, several family members in a variety of legal matters.  These include the purchase and sale of significant properties, certain real estate work, and more recently the negotiation of a long term lease for an important residential property.  His work has been consistently of high quality, appropriately imaginative when the situation called for it, and provided in a timely manner.  His professional fees for this work also have been quite fair.  I recommend him to others in need of his services with strong confidence and without reservation.

--Walter J. Salmon
   Professor Emeritus
   Harvard Business School

I have known Bob Grodberg for over ten years. During that time, I have hired and referred clients to him on numerous occasions, for varied legal assignments. In all cases, he has exhibited an extraordinary commitment to the matter at hand and his clients' best interests. His legal advice (honed over his many years in the field) is spot-on and well-informed, but it is his ability to truly listen to his clients and interpret the elusive line between human elements and technical details that has made him a mentor and trusted advisor to me...and so many others.

--Neal Boornazian

May I add my voice to those who have had the able assistance of Robert Grodberg--in good times and bad---to sort out legal affairs.

My particular needs have not been many, but have come up suddenly and urgently. When my husband was seriously hospitalized, Bob jumped into crisis mode in researching and then assisting me to accomplish various legal issues.

Additionally, in years past, when I foolishly was sucked into a bogus financial scheme, Bob worked tirelessly to extricate my funds successfully, against all odds and dealing with various legal entities across the country.

He has over the years offered legal advice in a number of instances, all of which I took and was pleased with the outcome.

He is a combination of a tireless advocate, wise councilor and caring advisor. My husband and I are the better tor his talents.

--Ellen Kaplan

I just wanted to contact you, and again express my deep appreciation for all of your efforts on behalf of myself and my son.  This has been a very trying time in my life and my husband's as well.  In spite of the circumstances, I feel honored to have met you.  It restores my faith in man.  You have enriched my life and I thank you.  Fondest regards to you and your family.

   Lexington, MA

The worth of your personal and professional involvement in my son's difficulty was invaluable.  Thank you so much for your protection of him and his mother. 


I have known Robert Grodberg since August, 1984.  Bob was General Counsel of Purity Supreme, Inc. when supermarkets General Corporation acquired that company.

Over the past seven years, we have worked on a number of real estate matters together and discussed problems and solutions and consulted with each other on a regular basis.  Bob is a very expereinced, knowledgable and capable real estate attorney, and this in combination with his pragmatic approach is very effective.

I do not hestitate to give Bob my highest recommendation.

--Myron D Waxberg
   Vice President and General Counsel - Real Estate

I consider myself most fortunate to have been represented by Attorney Robert. S. Grodberg.  From the moment I sat down with him, Attorney Grodberg made me feel as though I was finally going to get real help.  He made me feel at ease speaking with him about a very sensitive situation I found myself thrust in.  I was being terribly abused and harassed by someone who was also making false criminal allegations against me.  Attorney Grodberg was highly efficient and effective; so much so that all it took was one letter.  Attorney Grodberg was a staunch advocate for me against a vindictive and unstable individual who sought to cause me harm.  I am eternally grateful.

  Travel Consulting

Bob Grodberg has represented and advised our family on a number of occasions.   He has worked on real estate transactions, estate planning, and employment disputes for various members of our family.  In each case he has offered measured advice, dealt with all participants in each matter in a calm, reasoned manner that fairly represented our interests.  He took great pains to understand the personal circustances of our family members seeking his help.  He did so in a kind, supportive and honest fashion.  In each case reasonable outcomes resulted.  Based on this record Bob is our family lawyer.

--Liz and Richard Frank

September 2011

I have used Bob Grodberg both personally and professionally over the past 15 years. His work has been both thorough and informed, no matter the subject of the service. I have referred a number of my clients to Attorney Grodberg as well. Each of them have been so pleased with his compassion and the nature of his work. I recommend him highly!

Debby Fenn, CPO, LICSW
Owner – Away It Goes





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